Industrias Barcepal offers a product specialization unprecedented in the market. We offer a short range of products, this feature allows us to both transfer our production cost eficiency to our final clients and to focus on those products with a higher client´s demand.

Additionally, we have distribution warehouses of our own that facilitate a better vertical integration and a logistic cost saving. These two advantages are directly and fully transferred to our clients.

Like wise, we can offer a total logistic flexibility that allows the whole sale client to combine in the same container a variety of products, such as disposableitemsordrinks. The option of loading mix containers gives the client the possibility of buying fewer quantities of each product with a higher frequency of time. This allows our clients to lower their stocks and the space they need. Thus, we provide our client with a saving in storage costs.

Last but not the least are the payment facilities that we offer to our clients. We provide them with a variety of financing alternatives which even include the possibility of payments periods of 360 days paying by letter of credit issued by specific banks.

All the above features enable us to offer our clients an almost unbeatable value for money, great eficiency and a good finantial support.